The genesis

Yerette started with a desire to spend more quiet time with myself in a natural setting.  I am not one to walk aimlessly and so the camera became my constant companion.  I started with the photography of flowers but in quick time I was attracted to birds which I found a personal challenge since they are evasive and do not ever pose for a photograph.  I quickly upgraded my camera equipment from a “point and shoot” to a DSLR with a 300mm telephoto lens.  With this equipment I was introduced to the thrill of the “chi moment” – the emotional high which came from the capturing of a great photo of these constantly moving and often evasive creatures. 

My camera became my constant companion as I traversed the hill, valleys and plains of Trinidad & Tobago.  It was like discovering a whole new world of beauty to which I was blind throughout most of my life. 

In time, I found my 300mm lens too limiting and I upgraded to a 400mm prime lens.  With this new equipment I found photography to be even more fulfilling and it moved from being an activity of interest to a passion.  I spent long hours observing and photographing birds at the Asa Wright Nature Centre, the Wild Fowl Trust, La Vega Farm, the Trincity Ponds, the Caroni Bird Sanctuary, Mt. St. Benedict, Aripo Livestock Farm and Orange Valley Waterloo area of Central coastal Trinidad among others.

All photography provided by Theodore Ferguson